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Solar lamp post top has an automatic PIR sensor that instantly activates the LED in the absence of light to provide 150 lumens of bright intensity. Moreover, LED post top light also has a crystalline solar panel technology that obtains a better conversion rate than other technologies. Regarding the construction of the solar post, it is based with a durable and rust-resistant cast aluminum designed to endure harsh weather conditions.It is easy to install by using the ground spikes provided in the product that can be buried into the ground. No electrical wiring is required to do the installation. LED Post Top Light fixture is designed to replaceexisting garden street light, yard light and etc. The solar Lamp post top light turns on/off automatically as soon as the sensor detects the absence of sunlight. The outdoor LED post top light also has an on/off switch to activate the solar light post manually if desired.BBier can built the solar lamp post top with 15w 20w 25w 40w 50w, luminous efficacy is 120lm/w-150lm/w, 3years warranty. Another factor to consider when selecting solar powered lamp posts is the battery charging and discharging time.This factor is entirely related to the capacity of the battery, the power/efficiency of the solar PV cells, and the solar resource available in your area.If you have a good solar resource available in your area, you can opt for higher capacity batteries..Charging and discharging times should generally be indicated by the manufacturer. A 6-7 hour charge rate is good enough while a good rate for discharging should be located between 10-12 hours. 

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Jacob Oram
Jacob Oram United Kingdom on 07/05/2020 11:02 SA We will discuss solar lamp which is also known as solar light, is a lighting system composed of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and there may also be an inverter.
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