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Semiconductor lighting is regarded as the third generation lighting device, which can be used in large screen color display, special lighting, traffic signal, multimedia display LCD backlight, optical communication and other fields.As a result of be cold illuminant, semiconductor illume does not have any pollution to the environment not only itself, and compare with traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving efficiency can achieve 90% above.Sensor UFO LED Lights.

Semiconductor technology in the industry is also known as the LED lighting technology, mainly including the LED core technology, LED encapsulation and LED application technology in recent years, the LED chip technology rapid development under the support of various countries, the size of the LED chip is more and more big, the power is more and more big, the power of the single LED chips can do big 3 w leds better with the development of technology makes the size, shape, function of packaging products developing and perfecting constantly.It provides a wide space for the design and manufacture of LED application technologies, and highlights the diversity, flexibility, complexity and universality of LED lighting technologies.

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