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High Bay Lights Sensor 200 Watt Equivalent Led Industrial High Bay Led Shop Lights,Ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the ultraviolet ray that USES mercury lamp gives off, achieve the purpose that disinfects sterilization.It has the characteristics of high radiation intensity and good disinfection effect, and is widely used in the hospital laboratory and catering industry.Ultraviolet disinfect lamp should use correctly, can bring more serious harm otherwise.Common harm has: 1, the harm to the skin.Exposure to ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the skin can cause redness, pain, flaky change.If irradiated for a long time, it may cause skin cancer and skin tumors.Two, the damage to the eye, ultraviolet disinfection lamp can cause conjunctivitis of the eye, keratitis, the eye appears the phenomenon of red and swollen, ache, tear, apply for a long time, very likely can cause cataract.So, when using ultraviolet ray disinfection lamp, do not have someone inside the room as far as possible.

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jenifer5675 United States on 13/05/2020 6:32 CH I truly appreciated this wonderful blog. Make sure you keep up the good work. All the best !!!!

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Jacob Oram
Jacob Oram United Kingdom on 16/05/2020 3:05 CH Such kind of gadgets have different kinds of dangerous lasers which can harm our body, and we should avoid from using this technology and do not use these lights.

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