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Since some members of the United States to our country "accountability", our country to provide compensation, some of the country's politicians and organizations are also active, began to follow the trend of hot spots, to our claims.Buy N95



For those of you who don't know, let's briefly mention the $1.1 trillion cost of the United States.They started by having a law firm Sue our country for more than a billion dollars.Then, perhaps finding that it didn't work and that our country wouldn't even listen to him, one Congressman filed a "mandatory claim," a disguised claim by defaulting on the $1.1 trillion national debt owed to our country.Remarkably, some MPS supported him.

This incident, let that Congressman "fire" a, then follow the wind of the people came.

The Henry Jackson institute, a British think tank, said in a report that novel coronavirus has infected more than 1.25 million people, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Japan, the group of seven countries also suffered significant losses.China, on the other hand, could have mitigated the global impact of the outbreak, but they "withheld information" about it, with disastrous results.As a result, legal action must be taken, and Britain can claim £3,510.

Two Indian associations even went so far as to jointly file a complaint to the UN human rights council, claiming that China is "secretly developing biological weapons capable of destroying mankind", and asking the UN to investigate, so that China can explain itself to the international community and make compensation, of course, mainly to India.The President of the all India bar association even declared that novel coronavirus was "a biological weapon developed by China to paralyze the rest of the world and make China the only beneficiary".Don't lawyers talk about evidence?Is this the level of the boss of all India bar association?If other Indian lawyers were to open their mouths to him in the same way, it would be no wonder that some of the most egregious abuses were repeated.

A novel coronavirus originated in China. China withheld information about the outbreak and must compensate other countries.But as foreign ministry spokeswoman hua chunying said, wuhan was the first city to publicly report the outbreak, which does not mean that the outbreak first occurred in wuhan.Novel coronavirus has been killing people in the us since September, which is telling.With no evidence of the source of the virus, and even some evidence pointing to the United States, politicians and groups in some countries are accusing our country and demanding so-called compensation.But do they really think our country has no temper, easy to bully?

An expert from China said that China has made great contributions to the global fight against the epidemic with practical actions, and has fulfilled its international obligations in the control of the virus and the treatment of COVID 19.On the contrary, some countries have delayed to take effective measures, resulting in the outbreak in a short time quickly out of control, irreversible situation.In terms of responsibility and compensation, "it is necessary to consider whether these countries have violated their obligations under international human rights conventions".

And if we really push our country to do what other countries do and ban the export of medical supplies to certain countries, they won't have time to cry.Today's China, however, is no longer the China of a century ago, where the "great powers" let them run amok.

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