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LED outdoor lights, which include post top light fitting,play an important role on the world economies developing. They illuminate many area of business at night,such as street,restaurants and entertainment spots.So that extend the economic activity at night.Also LED post top light fixtures provide more convenient.If there are not enough outdoor lighting,it is dangerous for employees to go homes from thier workplaces.Many Studies shows that enough outdoor lighting can reduce 20% crime rates. Post top LED bulb can also cut down at least 35% traffic accidents. If you have a facility with many post top  light fittings, then you need to provide adequate lighting at a reasonable price.Carbon dioxide, which absorbs a lot of heat and adversely affects the climate, puts a lot of pressure on the earth,it lead to the greenhouse effect.As many power pole lights come from coal-fired power plants, they are an environmental pollutant. Although your facility must be need these lights, you can use more environmental protection sources of the lights. Advances in lighting technology bright post top LED bulb lights that provide better lighting than traditional HID ,MH lamp. LED post top lights will also have better performance lumens and light up more outdoor space, they are can save more than 80% energy than older bulbs.The US Department of Energy has conducted extensive research and work to verify the effectiveness of LED lights. Through these efforts, the Advanced Outdoor Lighting Presidential Challenge has helped upgrade more than 1.5 million pole lights to LED post top lights. 

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