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Recently, led by hangzhou municipal administration of urban lighting center under the formulation of "hangzhou road comprehensive pole technical requirements" prototype has been decided.According to this standard, by the end of this year, all 120,000 lamp-posts in hangzhou will be transformed into smart lamp-posts with multiple functions, not only with basic lighting, but also with 5G base station, WIFI coverage, environmental monitoring and video monitoring.
Post Top Lights LED 150W 19,500 Lumens Ip67 130Lm/W 5000K 100-277Vac. [Khác]
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High Bay Lights Sensor 200 Watt Equivalent Led Industrial High Bay Led Shop Lights,Ultraviolet disinfection lamp, the ultraviolet ray that USES mercury lamp gives off, achieve the purpose that disinfects sterilization.It has the characteristics of high radiation intensity and good disinfection effect, and is widely used in the hospital laboratory and catering industry. [Khác]
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One is that ultraviolet light has an effect not only on bacteria, but also on mammalian cells.The second is that bacterial spores are highly resistant to ultraviolet light, which is somewhat worrying. [Khác]