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The Leaning Tower of Pisa, st. Paul's cathedral, the Brandenburg gate, the British museum, the Louvre, the Parthenon in Athens and the western wall in Jerusalem are among the many internationally renowned cultural relics.It's hard to imagine that if all the landscape lighting were off, would visitors have the same experience at night?Therefore, in the future lighting of ancient buildings, implementation will be more prudent, expression form will be more challenging.We should not overlight, also should not blind lighting, through the improvement and innovation of lighting technology to protect in a word, the future lighting design of ancient buildings should follow the following principles: respect the building, protection first;Ways to improve lighting efficiency;Technological innovation and rational development;Standardize operation and prevent damage;Improve management and use.Eliminate hidden dangers.

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Shenzhen bbierled lighting,in a national high-tech enterprise located in keng wei village science and technology industrial park. Is committed to the r&d, production, sales and service of high-end intelligent control and public safety lighting products.At the beginning of the establishment of shenzhen bbierled lighting, adhering to the business philosophy of sharing brand service value and relying on the strong talent advantages of shenzhen, we have established a long-term talent exchange and cooperation mechanism with various universities, and established a professional r&d team with high education and high skills.In the intelligent lighting control system, electrical fire monitoring system, fire equipment power monitoring system and fire door monitoring system have invested in the research and development force, for the company's product industrialization and sustainable development of the enterprise has laid a solid foundation.Shenzhen bbierled lighting will strictly comply with the modern enterprise management system, comply with the enterprise quality management system, continue to maintain the innovation and applicability of the company's products, to provide a guarantee for the implementation of the company's brand strategy.In the future, bbierled lighting in shenzhen will bring more innovative and high-quality products to the market, so as to continuously improve the product portfolio of the enterprise, and help made in China 2025, so as to complete the mission of science and technology innovative enterprise.