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Solar lamp post top has an automatic PIR sensor that instantly activates the LED in the absence of light to provide 150 lumens of bright intensity. Moreover, LED post top light also has a crystalline solar panel technology that obtains a better conversion rate than other technologies. Regarding the construction of the solar post, it is based with a durable and rust-resistant cast aluminum designed to endure harsh weather conditions.It is easy to install by using the ground spikes provided in the product that can be buried into the ground. No electrical wiring is required to do the installation. LED Post Top Light fixture is designed to replaceexisting garden street light, yard light and etc. The solar Lamp post top light turns on/off automatically as soon as the sensor detects the absence of sunlight. The outdoor LED post top light also has an on/off switch to activate the solar light post manually if desired.BBier can built the solar lamp post top with 15w 20w 25w 40w 50w, luminous efficacy is 120lm/w-150lm/w, 3years warranty. Another factor to consider when selecting solar powered lamp posts is the battery charging and discharging time.This factor is entirely related to the capacity of the battery, the power/efficiency of the solar PV cells, and the solar resource available in your area.If you have a good solar resource available in your area, you can opt for higher capacity batteries..Charging and discharging times should generally be indicated by the manufacturer. A 6-7 hour charge rate is good enough while a good rate for discharging should be located between 10-12 hours. 

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Recently, led by hangzhou municipal administration of urban lighting center under the formulation of "hangzhou road comprehensive pole technical requirements" prototype has been decided.According to this standard, by the end of this year, all 120,000 lamp-posts in hangzhou will be transformed into smart lamp-posts with multiple functions, not only with basic lighting, but also with 5G base station, WIFI coverage, environmental monitoring and video monitoring.Post Top Lights LED 150W 19,500 Lumens Ip67 130Lm/W 5000K 100-277Vac.

Smart lamppost integrates the functions of street lamps, signboards, monitoring cameras and 5G base stations into one pole. At first glance, the sky above the road is bright and clear, and the sidewalks are clean and clear.In fact, it is an important part of urban smart management, and many new smart facilities will be installed in this seemingly simple new pole.

According to dong zhong, deputy director of the hangzhou municipal administration of urban management's lighting center, the smart light poles will serve as an interface for smart cities, with expansion card slots reserved for more functions in the future.Among them, vehicle-road collaboration technology will become the key of future unmanned driving."It enables multi-use, Shared devices, space management and intelligent services for urban roads, making them 'thinking'."

It is reported that in January this year, zhejiang province started the construction of smart lamp pole alliance, which requires 5G deployment to accelerate the promotion and construction of smart lamp pole.In addition, the 2022 hangzhou Asian games is coming. Hangzhou will comprehensively promote the construction of smart city, fully apply artificial intelligence, big data and Internet technologies to venue operation, events and service guarantee, and create a golden card of "smart Asian games", among which the construction of smart light pole is an important link.

"If maintenance is not considered, the new construction of smart light poles will become a short-lived high-tech waste;If we blindly pursue a high-standard comprehensive transformation mode, hangzhou's economic strength will lead to untenable, and it will be difficult to form a situation of coverage and comprehensive promotion."According to liu youquan, head of the city administration bureau's lighting center, the technical requirements of hangzhou road comprehensive pole, which was drafted in May last year, have been basically completed.This smart lamp pole "hangzhou mode" local standard summarizes the current domestic mature comprehensive pole technical requirements and the latest effective comprehensive pole design experience, combined with the actual situation of hangzhou, put forward a comprehensive utilization mode in line with the current situation of hangzhou.Its biggest characteristic is the old principle, namely under the condition of bearing capacity allows, using the comprehensive utilization of the original light pole of transformation, realize the deal with the current proliferation of 4 g, 5 g base station, the base station video probe, environmental monitoring equipment, flag and lanterns holiday ornaments and other application scenarios, and the electric safety, access specification, mount structure optimization is put forward a series of technical requirements.At present, the model has passed the expert evaluation and is ready to be piloted in jianguo south road.

"Shanghai is a typical example of the smart lamppost renovation in many cities. What they do is to replace the lamppost, which costs about 10 million yuan per kilometer.In contrast, hangzhou's retrofitting program not only greatly reduces the cost of retrofitting, but also can quickly mount the lamp poles of 5G and other facilities.With the same financial support, 5G coverage and the ability to load smart city applications can be increased by more than 10 times, which is of great significance for digital city construction."According to zhou xun, general manager of zhejiang dayun wulian technology co., which is executing the hangzhou project, the "hangzhou model" is obviously more cost-effective.

"After the standard is formed, the application cost of comprehensive utilization of lamppost can be greatly reduced, and the situation of substantial waste caused by repeated construction and continuous renewal can be avoided. Through the normative design of the Internet of things and the proposal of platform requirements, it is possible to truly fully develop the intelligent application based on lamppost.Liu youquan introduction.


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Light chips have gained popularity in the lighting technology because of their many uses. For a continued operation of a led post top fixture, it needs to be fitted with a driver, and this is why many traditional led post top light fixtures needed a driver that was used in controlling the electrical current so that it could supply clean DC power to it. The driver acts as a current in a specific range that is large enough to power the LED, but is also sufficient to prevent any permanent damage.


However, these drivers have their own shortcomings, which is why our driverless post top fixture were invented. You may want to know what it means to the driverless post top led bulb. The driverless post top light fittings use a high voltage circuit that is equipped with an adjustment and replacement chip that helps to change the number of led chips in the string during the cable cycle to ensure that the string voltage of the LED matches the cable voltage. This new technology adopts the IC on board in order to replace the usual driver. With a driverless led post top fixture, you can extend the life without electrolytic capacitors. It is different from ordinary products with drivers.




Advantages of the New Driverless Led Post Top Light Fixture

Removing the LED driver creates a lot of room for innovation and creativity. The result is a simpler, flatter and more compact design. These driverless IC post top fixtures are easier to move around, and unlike their counterparts, their manufacturing costs are reduced. Our IC driver technology post top light fittings are also cheaper and require little maintenance. This means saving more money by replacing this driverless post top led bulbs or energy bills. The process of installing a driverless led post top fixture is easier and faster than previous led post top light fxiture. These driverless led post top fixture are lightweight, equipped with a simple and straightforward fitting. This means you can save on a lot of labor costs.


Driverless IC technology post top fixtures will reduce maintenance costs. This is because the driver is prone to failure and needs to be replaced. This can be a complicated process that requires trained personnel and equipment. All of these will cost a lot of money. This can also be inconvenient, either shutting down your business premises during repairs or having to spend endless hours while supervising your ongoing work. Using driverless technology IC post top light fittings will eliminate all these inconveniences.


Driver on board version: The DOB version is more stable and reliable for the following reasons. It uses a smart integrated circuit to control the current of the led post top fixture, which means it does not use a transformer or capacitor like a constant current driver. The integrated circuit has a special function, that is, set safe overheat protection. When the chip temperature exceeds the safe level, the integrated circuit will automatically reduce the power of the led post top light fixture, allowing it to cool and return to a safe level. This helps protect the IC driver post top fixture.


Energy saving: Unlike other types of led post top light fixture, our post top fixture has a high energy efficient. This is because these post top light fittings tend to consume less power and you can even save up to 80% on electricity bills compared to other post top fixture. When you combine this led post top fixture with a smart photocell sensor or motion sensor, you will be able to save even more electricity bills. Another advantage is that they are long lasting and cool. A IC driver technology post top led bulbs can make you 10 times longer than a fluorescent light, and it doesn't generate many heat when turned on.


Any kind of led post top fixture will distribute light evenly like other post top fixture, and this is no exception. When using powerless led post top light fixture, you'll notice a 8% increase in lighting uniformity. Another great feature is that they have less optical distortion and less static buildup than fluorescent and CFL lamps.


Some Applications for a Driverless LED Post Top Light Fixture.

In most cases, our led post top fixture is used in large areas with round poles or square poles such as backyards, parking lots, gardens, campus, roadway and other residential areas. These areas require high quality led post top light fixture to improve safety and performance.


Why You Should Opt for Driverless Led Post Top Light

Our IC driverless post top light fittings has many advantages such as low manufacturing, maintenance and installation cost, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, strong innovation ability, etc., and no driver is used in the process of manufacturing these lamps, so the production cost is low. This means our driverless post top led bulbs are cheaper than any other post top fixtures.