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street lamp tripping and replacement of control box equipment components in areas such as yunju road, dongmen street and lishui lake;Repair and replace more than 10 street lamps in nanhu hotel, shidian, weizhou avenue and gongye road.Based on its own work responsibilities, baoying county street light management institute timely carried out emergency repair and maintenance of street lighting facilities on each main and secondary roads, while ensuring the normal operation of lighting, to ensure the normal lighting of epidemic prevention and control checkpoints, with practical actions to practice the original intention of street lighting people unchanged.Over the past few days, adhere to the night inspection system, the city's faulty street lights, lines, old distribution cabinets and other facilities for a comprehensive inspection.An emergency repair team has been set up, which is on standby 24 hours a day to immediately repair the street lighting problems at the epidemic prevention and control checkpoints.As of February 14, 7 street lamp control cabinets have been repaired, 1 line fault has been dealt with, and 2 epidemic prevention and control checkpoint lighting problems have been dealt with.Yueyang street lamp management office is on standby to ensure the road lighting and operation safety of key epidemic prevention points.We will give full play to the role of party organizations as battle fortresses and the vanguard and exemplary role of communist party members. We will set up a vanguard of party members, with 18 party members forming the vanguard.In the moment of lighting lighting needs, always face the nettle, where the downtown street lights have trouble or safety hazards, where there are yueyang street lights people rush repair figure.The staff of the intelligent control center of lighting come to work every day, carefully inspect the data, report any abnormality as soon as possible, promptly dispatch the emergency team to solve the problem in time, and spare no effort to provide travel safety guarantee for the epidemic prevention and control.


With the requirements of many utilities and municipalities continuing to change and grow more complex, Bbier lighting developed a new post top light. The virtually maintenance-free of Bbier led post top is being upgraded to provide exceptional illumination and reducing energy and maintenance costs. 

Led post top light is an modern design for any outdoor landscapes or gardens. When these led post top lights are used in parks, backyards or sidewalks, the post top lights will illuminate the landscape elements to increase pedestrian visibility.


Our post top lights are suitable for roadway, parks, backyards, campuses and pathway. Bbier post top lamp uses high quality SMD LED chips, die-casting aluminium heat sink, frosted glass lens and UL listed power supply. This post top light is a wonderful outdoor lighting solution, which  available in bronze color, white color and black color. The LED technology used in these post top light fixtures offers wide coverage 120 degree beam angle and directs the light down so it is good for the environment and wildlife as well.



Bbier post top lighting are available in 30w, 50w, 75w, 100w and 150w. Among these wattages, 30w and 50w can be wired in 347VAC or 480VAC. All post top lights also support AC 100-277V high-voltage current input and save up to 90% of electricity costs compared with metal halide bulbs.


Our led post top lights can fit a 2 3/8-inch OD tenon & 3 inch round poles. If your pole diameter is over 3 inch, we can send you some tennon adapters in 3.74 inch, 4.53 inch,5.91 inch or 6.89 inch to fit your round poles or square poles. If you need to mount on the wall, we can provide a wall mount bracket for you.


By using our 100w post top area lights, you can replace 300w Metal Halide bulbs or 300w High Pressure Sodium bulbs for your old post top fixtures to save a lot of electric bill every month. Our post top light is available with a photocell sensor, which can turn on automatically at night and turn off in the day time.


Our post top light fixture is make of die-cast aluminum housing, fence design edge to achieve better heat dissipation. This led post top has low light decay, 50,000 hours long life span, suitable for gardens, roadways, parking lots, backyards and campuses.


This post top lighting is high efficiency with 130lm/w or 150lm/w. All led post top area lights are ETL and DLC qualified. It will took you half an hour to install the led post top, so the installation is very easy. This led post top looks beautiful when used in your own yard.

It is IP65 waterproof and aluminum body, which can better resist high temperature and corrosion. The design is very perfect and lights up very bright at night. Then the post top light is designed to look down. It won't be glaring. Bbier lighting provide customers 5 year warranty and replacement within 30 days. However, if our led post top lights does not work for some reason, please let us know that we respond within 24/7 hours.


In order to enable our American customers to receive the lights as soon as possible and reduce the impact of tariff increases, we built several warehouses in the United States. These US warehouses are located in California, Texas and Florida. There are 30w, 50w,75w and 100w led post top lights in stock in our US warehouses. If you need to get these post top lights from our US warehouse, please contact our sales for prices.




To learn more about these led post top lighting , just simply call Bbier Lighting at 1-893-803-5382 or use the online contact form on our website.


About Bbier Lighting :

Bbier lighting is a leading LED lighting supplier with innovative green technology. We are specialized in the manufacturing of innovative, next-generation LED lighting solutions such as LED corn light, LED parking lot lights, LED post top light,solar LED post top light, solar LED street light,LED high bay light, LED canopy light, LED wall pack light, portable LED work lights, LED flood lights, LED stadium lights ,gas station light and so on. Bbier lighting is committed to providing high-quality, sustainable, green lighting solutions to the world LED lights market.

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BBIERLED lighting Still have an advantage with this kind of method is, because increased the illume of the ceiling (the gimmick that added indirect illume, can let metope and day flower are brighter while, still can weaken the direct dazzle of lamps and lanterns,In other words, the light and shade contrast between the light mouth and ceiling is weakened, so that the gap between light and shade is not so big, when looking at this lamp is not so dazzling.