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Shenzhen Bbier lighting company ufo high bay light Patented anti-glare design minimize the glare as well as optimize the lighting performance. Multiple choices for light Distribution:60°  90°,130°,meet the requirement of professional light distribution and can be used at a variety of applications including commercial, gymnasium, industrial, manufacturing, warehousing and any facility requiring high mounting heights of 15 to 40 feet.


This UFO led high bay light features an integrated microwave motion sensor for energy-efficient performance. Use its DIP switches to customize detection range, daylight threshold, timer, and dimming settings. Motion sensor can be disabled with optional remote. This fixture emits powerful cool white illumination equivalent to a 400-watt metal halide bulb. Long-lasting and durable, it slashes maintenance and replacement costs. Weatherproof aluminum alloy housing with an integral LED-cooling heat sink. Use the included eye-hook for suspended ceiling mounting. A top choice for retail, warehouse and factory, and convention center lighting.



1) MORE ENERGY SAVING - UFO LED overhead uses pure aluminum heat sink and cold forging technology. Bright light, using less energy, reduces electricity bills by 70%. This UFO LED high bay light provides over 600,000 lm of 600W traditional lighting.

2) GOOD DESIGN - Impact-resistant die-cast aluminum housing, hollow design and ultra-thin light-emitting surface with microwave sensor for more efficient and faster heat dissipation. This protects the LED chips and drivers to ensure stable performance and longer life.

3) WIDE EDGE APPLICATION - IP65 waterproof is suitable for all conditions. High-bay LED lighting can be used both outdoors and indoors. Such as warehouses, factories, shops, gyms, shopping malls, workshops, logistics centers, exhibition halls, stadiums, mining sites, stadiums, supermarkets, etc.

4) EASY TO INSTALL - Pre-installed hooks, American plugs make installation easier. Simply replace the traditional HPS / MH lamp or perform a new installation. High quality insulated cable, independent grounding. Bold material can pass more current to help protect the drive.

5) SAFETY AND SERVICE - Our UFO has passed UL, DLC CE and RoHs certification to ensure better quality, safety and reliability. It comes with a 5-year warranty to cover any quality related issues. Please feel free to contact us.

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Respiratory infections spread beyond the respiratory tract;

Precautions should precede exposure;

The close-fitting structure and efficient filtration of the mask will increase the respiratory resistance and reduce the comfort.

Suitability - if the mask design is not suitable for the user's face shape, it will cause leakage;

To meet the requirements of suitability and proper use, respirators can reduce the concentration of harmful substances by 90%.

The government has not established safe exposure limits for pathogenic microorganisms, and respiratory protection only reduces the risk of disease, but does not eliminate it.

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According to the reports, major industrial factories contribute 20% of their earing in commercial energy bills. This means major part of profit, they are spending on power companies. If BBIER lighting company talk about their product ufo led high bay light, the first features come over is 75% money saving on energy bills. This specifies that the factories would be save a huge part of their profit.


UFO LED High Bay Light With the premium LED chip from lumileds , this fixture has long 50,000 hours lifespan, You can control the light output from 10 to 0V Operates on low energy consumption as compared to other high wattage conventional light which leads to save more energy, Available color temperature 2700 Kelvin (SW Light) and 5700 Kelvin (Day White Light)


Ufo led high bay light with efficient heat sink, the LED continues to shine brightly after more than 50,000 hours of usage. The die-cast aluminum housing has been processed by anodization (an electrochemical process) that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish, solid in structure.


This product is built with qualified constant LED driver, which is state of the art to ensure a life time of usage.


Workable power driver supply--Round Driver & Rectangle Driver.


Ufo high bay led have ETL, DLC listed, and IP65 rated. These certifications and approvals specifies that the product has passed many work efficiency tests. Whether the climate will be challenging or work efficiency of the ufo light fixture. This fixtures has take a stand and filling the market demand with its features and certifications.